Update: I'm with my Fiance Derrick! Happily happy and it only gets better every day<3! !Life Is Random, But I Love It! :D !I live from day to day! :D !I go by many names but my recent ones are Hamster and Eli! :D !I love meeting new people! :D !I like having a small group of friends because memories are easier to make! :D !Very photogenic and love taking pictures! :D !I'm a very outdoorsy type of person.. but I love to stay in and chill! :D !I talk like a pirate so fuck you! :D !I love people who can make me laugh and I love to laugh! :D !Looking for that special person <3! :D !I love late night texts! :D !Something I WILL DO in life is have 1 adopted child... so who ever I might end up in life will have to understand that this is non-negotiable! :D !This is me and only me... but I hope I can share myself with someone one day! :D !I love everything about love... a hopeless romantic!